"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Friday, 6 November 2015

Far Flung Places

From all the wonderful things I get to do on the daily, my favourite by far is interacting and connecting with amazing photographers all around the world. As I work on sourcing and collecting talented brand ambassadors, I've had my share of those who truly fall short, yet if you keep it up you find the ones who truly knock it out of the park with there vision and commitment.

One of these photographers which I have been so fortune to come across is the very talented Florencia Lucila, from Barcelona, Spain.


Florencia Lucia is from currently works for Vice magazine and from stalking her work it seems she does beautiful photography projects when possible. After sending her the Classic Nomad Camera Strap she decided to go above and beyond and shot an all out campaign. (LOOKBOOK GOALS)

I could not have even dreamed of a more perfect collaboration nor could I have imagined such aged and exotic photographs would come out of it. Yet, it has and it perfectly sums up Jolie Laide. Amazing things happen when you decide to open up your little world a little bit, you have no idea who could inspire you or who you could inspire. 


Check out more of her work @florencia_lucila and stay tuned to our brand ambassador page with a full on interview and some shots of her work. www.florencialucila.tumblr.com 

Thanks for dropping by friends,
Warm Regards,


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Her Autumn Light

The Fall is here and I always forgot how damn perfect it is.

With Autumn brings the perfect golden light, crisp mornings and all the hot drinks a girl can take.
I thought I would take this time to share with you guys one of my favorite coffee shops in the city, Empire Empresso. The vibe is pretty much my dream. Laidback, retro interiors and and they probably make the best cinnamon buns in the city. Moroccan Inspired and heavenly to say the least.


   Brought my babely friend Andy for an impromptu photoshoot and the light couldn't have been more diffused and perfect. We took photos all morning and talked over Milk & Honey. We talked of the change in season and how it always seems to reflect the changes is life. Yet, no matter how uncomfortable, awkward or scary it could be, change is always, always good a thing. 
    Not sure what else to say except that it's good to change up that Starbucks routine once in a while and while your at it check out Empire Espresso, 668 College St, Toronto, ON

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


     Ever since seeing photos of Tobermory, I've always wanted to visit. Still in disbelief that such  unique and exotic land formations and crystal clear water exist in Canada, yet the more I discover the less it surprises me.

Yet, it seemed that everyone who was everyone was visiting the famous Grotto on that Sunday morning. Arriving there at 9:30am and the parking already full with a line out of the park and with no hope of observing what we traveled 4 hrs to see. Out of desperation we took our chances and asked a neighbor in the area if we could park on his property and perhaps walk into the park. Discovering it was almost a 20km walk he suggested that we should instead go to the Tree Log-Dump. This site  had the Bruce trail attached to it and from there we might be able to walk to the Grotto.
 That was our only hope. 

After a half hour drive and a 20 min walk we finally came upon what we were looking for, a private and magnificent landscape of clean slate and crystal waters for all of us to discover x


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Inner Thoughts & Product Placement

 I take a lot of photos. Like a lot.
At least once a week I find a subject, a reason, a purpose and a place, and just shoot. Sure, it helps that my brand needs continuous content to be fresh and relevant, but I've been doing these impromptu photo shoots long before I ever had to or needed to, I did them cause I wanted to. 

Since I got my hands on my first DSLR I haven't really stopped, mind you not till 2 years ago did I actually have a camera of my own. I got my fix by always utilizing my friends cameras who weren't really interested in photography or taking the 35mil after photography class to shoot my own interests. I never really shared my interest in photography, I'd usually be the one styling the model, directing the shot, choosing all the elements, everything really, but never actually shooting..

Why???? Well, for anyone who know's me I'm not a technical person, like at all. It takes me a real long time to grasp and remember technical concepts, almost like dyslexia for technology, you get the picture. I tried but my patience would reach such a breaking point and my love for doing something would transform into disdain. Hence, I stayed away, far away, but I always loved being around photography. 

Then it happened, I saved up and I finally purchased my very first DSLR, Nikon 3200 as a present to myself for enduring 4 years of schooling which I knew would be useless to me and what I intended on pursuing. Kudos kid.

So I began to practice.
I studied photographers and asked a lot of stupid questions. It's funny what happens when you begin to slowly understand the technical elements of something you hate, you have a deeper appreciation for it. You feel like you have esoteric knowledge of something some people are still trying to figure out, yet you have no idea how you even got there. Still feel like an imposture. 

I wanted the camera to capture a moment exactly the way I visualized it. That's it. I just wanted my vision to be accurate, just right, and with enough persistence, I felt I was getting closer. Kinda.

Either way, I'm having fun and sometimes we forget that the thrill of creating could possibly be all that matters. So, how did I go from not knowing how to shoot on manual to designing photography accessories? that's definitely for another, longer, post

These are some outtakes of the beautiful Clarrisa in Kensignton, rocking the new Aztec Bone camera strap and my love child, the leslie camera bag.  Thanks for stopping by friends xx

Jacqueline x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

|| C A L I F O R N I A C A T I O N ||

              <<<---LAX----> Orange County----> Palm Springs----> Joshua Tree----> LAX--->>>
7 days & 7 nights. Living out of the backseat, sleeping in shotty Motels / Cars / Beaches / Whereev'. Pulling over for washroom stops, everywhere and anywhere. Surviving off Baha Tacos, Trail mix and anything Mexican. Always trying to avoid IN n OUT burger. 28 degrees on a bad day.
Venise Beach is a trip. Don't make eye contact with someone holding a Boa Constrictor. 

Sneaking into pools on the Hollywood Hills and any motel that looked relatively safe. The ACE, The Parker, The Ahola Inn? Attacked by Cacti while trying to be fashion (still have the scars).  Desert walks, more sunrises then sunsets and those waves...

Muted colours, retro vibes, friendliest humans live in Joshua Tree. Still don't like tye-dye anything.
Patchouli forever. More surf then swim. More bike then walk. More alcohol then water.
And then there's the desert... Rattlesnales and Dr. Seuss botanicals. Mirages and Dehydration. Nothing and Everything. I want it all again.

Not sure what else to say except I'm not sure why I still live in Canada. 
Never think twice. California is ALWAYS a muthafuckin good idea x 

*Press play and do scroll. Any nudity is unintentional but actually very intentional* Thx frwdz x