"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Friday, 30 May 2014

Une Bonne Idée

For all of you who don't know already, last year I went to Fashion Business School in Paris.
Yes, I went to Fashion School in Paris and it was the biggest joke God has ever played on me.
EVER.  I won't get into the deets now, (that's for another post), but I'll tell you one thing;

                                 For every bad idea spawns one good obsessive idea.

I learned every thing about the fashion industry, from creation to production to distribution and the more I learned the more I wanted ALMOST, nothing to do with luxury fashion. Nothing was pure, creativity was a myth and everything comes down to profit and vanity. Sorry kids! (At the expensive of underpaid, overworked interns and sweat shop labor of course )The kicker? We were told there is really nothing we could do about it, this is the direction of our luxury/fast fashion industry and you either get on board or jump off. I was screwed cause I couldn't swallow it.
 Can you guess my bad idea yet? 
I continually ignored the way I genuinely felt about everything, tried my best to pass and would usually escape in photography on weekends (and skipping class on week days). 
This is where I usually felt vindicated.
Yet, there is always a silver lining.

My one good idea came about in a fantastical way during Paris Fashion Week. 
(Yes, I stalked fashion shows and editors and it was fun), but the most spectacular thing happened when I encountered Garance Dore.  As I awkwardly asked her for a Photograph she happily obliged and then decided that I also wanted a picture with her friend. So she took my camera and took a photo of me with (???)
As I was on my way, dumb struck and in awe, she causally stated "cool camera strap!" and left.

That probably sealed my obsession. The strap I made was out of an old gold chain belt and black velvet, completely unsafe for a $600 device dangling from my neck, but hey!
When I looked around no one, not even the chicest of the chic, had a unique camera strap,
 maybe I was on to something.

  This obsession became my final Thesis project (which my teachers hated but people loved) and now, my own personal project. When one cannot find something they desire, why not create it? And I did.


Here are some of the latest samples with designs and template by moi
 and materials imported from  La Paz, Bolivia. All Fair Trade.

                                              Check out my Etsy for more designs coming soon!
                                                               Thanks friennddss xx Jacque

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  1. The first half recounting your experience with fashion was so interesting to read, and it's a shame how the world operates. Love your idea and the materials you used for the strap. Keep it coming. People need to be aware, and above all support.

    -Bianca :)