"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Part Two.

    Don't watch, but listen.



Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Imogen Series: Part 1

          "She takes a step out of the           
dark corners of this world, 
  and the sun lights up her body..
 Freckles are planted on her skin
like seeds of life,
like stars in the night sky..  
                                                                             She paints experience on her body.
Draws laugh lines on her heart.
She is a masterpiece."
Anthea Y., Typewriter Series #127    

To be continued...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Where Teasures Sleep

The term vintage is dead.
The word, the meaning, the point.
It's cliche, dated and usually incorrect all in one go.
I don't know anyone who could get away with calling something vintage,
without sounding a bit out of tune and a bit out of date.
Vintage is not anything you find from the VV boutique, your mom's closet or on Etsy.
Unless the article of clothing has actually lived 15-20 years, it not truly vintage, but
just something vaguely old, probably beautiful and usually quite musty.

This is all coming from a girl who only buys new when it comes to socks and underwear.
Hence, I still love all those things, but we really need a new vocabulary.

"Used/Second Hand" sounds like you found it,  "Thrift" sounds like you rummage in a bin at the Salvation Army (which is always fun) and " It was my Mom's" sounds like it could possibly be even newer then your own clothes, you just don't know it.

Pre-loved perhaps? I don't have the answers, any suggestions?

Yet, when I stumbled across this Pawn Shop the other day, I was intrigued.
A new way to shop antiques and actual vintage at reasonable prices!?
It's not just your dad's old baseball memorabilia, collectible cars and tin boxs,
This is where the real treasures sleep. Yes, and true vintage my friend.

                                              And I meet some pretty sweet company,

1044 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON
647- 725- 5561
Go and get lost and find something great.

Also, if you have a minute put this on in the background.
This is Kayne's Testament. Hate him or love him, he is crazy.
I like crazy and if you do too, I think you should listen.

Jacque x

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Off the Radar

2011 Flare Magazine Intern

I'll never forget my first day interning to the assistant social media editor at Flare Magazine after being promoted from closet troll.
Me:"Good Morning!"
Horrible awful Assistant Editor: "Firstly, you need a twitter and Instagram account immediately".  Me: "Is it necessary? Can I not just use Flare's?
 I wouldn't really use it."
Horrible Awful Assistant Editor: "That wasn't really a question."
That pressure to conform to something I wasn't probably began my distaste for social media.

For all who don't know, I'm really not up to scratch with social media.
I don't have Instragram, Twitter, Vine, I don't own an IPhone, I still don't understand
how a #hashtag works and I have never downloaded an app in my life.

And as much as 98% of people around me are constantly taking photos for Instagram, Tweeting etc.
I really don't intend on catching up. I know, I'm probably an idiot, especially in our
day in age, but I really can't help myself.

 I don't want it, miss it, crave it and am not even remotely
curious to know MORE then I already know about other peoples lives,
especially through my cellphone.
I like using my phone to call, my computer to write, my facebook to facebook and my camera to,
 of course, take photos.

Do forgive me.

Work life balance meets sunlight and watermelon. 

 I'm the girl who brings my large awkward camera everywhere. 
While others simply take out there nifty little IPhones and capture the moment.
All these phones, with there kool cases and crazy ass filters.
Why can't the camera be cool again!?
This probably intensified my need to give the camera some love.
(I secretly wanted the camera to come back and instagram to go away.) 
Wishful thinking.
What I truly wanted was to make the camera sexy again and to do so, it really needed to stand out,
 be individual and relatively attractive. 

 Will I ever convert? I don't know. Will I be forced to in the fear of falling behind?
Probably. But will I ever take a Selfie? Probably never.
I just feel that I'm gonna fight it for as long as I can.  I have enough A.D.D in my life.

 I firmly believe that if something's good, it will catch on naturally and
there is no need for every social media platform to force itself down our throats.

But in the mean time, I'm still gonna be pushing to make the camera
come back on top x

Now for me on a trampoline.

Thxs fwds~

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Artist Retreat

Imagine a place where you could go and just be left alone by the world.
No distractions. No stores. No #hashtags.
Nothing. Just you and your thoughts (and your trail mix).
There is no internet here and no phone.
Perhaps for emergencies.
Your roof is small but your garden goes on.
And at night, a forest feast is always possible,
because everything around you is very much, alive.

 I had the pleasure of visiting such a place last weekend as a friend was temporarily 
living there and it was dreamy. It was actually an Artist's Retreat.
           Yes, they exist, who knew? 
     Even the outhouse was dreamy,

 The photo above is an outhouse and yes I could live in it if it wasn't for
the current animal already in occupation there. One day it will be mine..

If given the opportunity I would stay here for far too long and like it way too much. 
Dangerously tempting for an introvert. No nothing, just time and trail mix. 
(I am actually a 67yr old woman in a 24yr old's body, except I hate knitting).
Disclaimer: I know this baby and this baby knows me. I think.


I fucking love horses.

 Thaxx friends!
  Jacque x