"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Where Teasures Sleep

The term vintage is dead.
The word, the meaning, the point.
It's cliche, dated and usually incorrect all in one go.
I don't know anyone who could get away with calling something vintage,
without sounding a bit out of tune and a bit out of date.
Vintage is not anything you find from the VV boutique, your mom's closet or on Etsy.
Unless the article of clothing has actually lived 15-20 years, it not truly vintage, but
just something vaguely old, probably beautiful and usually quite musty.

This is all coming from a girl who only buys new when it comes to socks and underwear.
Hence, I still love all those things, but we really need a new vocabulary.

"Used/Second Hand" sounds like you found it,  "Thrift" sounds like you rummage in a bin at the Salvation Army (which is always fun) and " It was my Mom's" sounds like it could possibly be even newer then your own clothes, you just don't know it.

Pre-loved perhaps? I don't have the answers, any suggestions?

Yet, when I stumbled across this Pawn Shop the other day, I was intrigued.
A new way to shop antiques and actual vintage at reasonable prices!?
It's not just your dad's old baseball memorabilia, collectible cars and tin boxs,
This is where the real treasures sleep. Yes, and true vintage my friend.

                                              And I meet some pretty sweet company,

1044 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON
647- 725- 5561
Go and get lost and find something great.

Also, if you have a minute put this on in the background.
This is Kayne's Testament. Hate him or love him, he is crazy.
I like crazy and if you do too, I think you should listen.

Jacque x

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