"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sur La Lune

After months of deliberation, design and wtf moments,
these lovely camera straps have officially arrived and yes,
I'm over the moon.

They're finally here to grace the shoulders of
all my photography lovers and I couldn't be more excited.
In turn, I celebrated by forcing a gorgeous creature to model them
in the most seductive way possible and then shared it on the internet..
You're welcome.

This is a sneak peak/ look-book of sorts, the one where you forget the point of the exercise
and just shoot whatever steals the show, hopefully the camera straps did just that.
Do enjoy friends x




     Website in the works but for now these and other designs are up here:

       Photos by Moi and Nathalie Machado 
       Thank you my forever muse, Natalie Tuysus. 
        xx Jolie Laide xx

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