"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Photographer as Muse: Ryan Brabazon

Not sure where I found my new obsession.
Could be RUSSH Mag or a Free People Catalgoue but either way, I'm thankful.

Ryan Brabazon's work is currently my new escape.
Australian born (Bondi, Sydney to be exact), mastering also Surf and Football.
Apparently that exists, this guys work is almost amateur, but it works and it's great. 

Escapist in theme; Less is still more.
Raw, Candid, Documentary and yes lots of waif beauts in the nude,
Brabazon's work is a refreshing relief from over done, over staged editorials.
Take a more subdued Corinne Day and a less whimsical Ryan McGinley and add some
 cacti and crochet bikinis and you just may get this. 

Some might find it typical, cliche and been done, but I'm weak for this stuff.
Like a new white silk blouse, some shit just doesn't go out of style.
Here's a look at a couple of my favorites takes from various shoots, look books etc etc etc
Enjoy  x


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