"Fashion is so often presented in our culture as a thing of froth, which of course,
it partly is; but the bubbles are blown with such care and a sense of values."
- Anna Wintour


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Who are you Polly Maggoo?

Indeed, my first Paris Fashion Week.
Let's commence.

I cannot give opinions on anything really. I was only an observer. An observer who adsorbed such familiar surroundings,  I've really seen it all before, seen them all before.
The reality of being their almost places one in a calm state of shock. You recognize everyone, know their stories, their lives, if they have a middle name and their recent work and yet...
no one recognizes you or gives one damn what your wearing, your just another groupie with a camera.
             Its best to stay discreet, wear all black and focus on those you know are genuine.

What follows next are casual encounters with my creative idols outside Chloe, a 5 second conversation with Emanuelle Alt and inside Elie Saab RTW show.
( How I managed to get tickets deserves a separate post with separate photos)
Lets proceed with photos, shall we? Fashion favorite over-exploited medium.

                                     Bill in action

                                                BEST DRESSED LADY. HANDS DOWN.

                                          Yasmin Swell was very very late. But it's Yasmin Swell...

                                             Read only read her. So no judgement was passed.

                                               Amazing Graceeeeeeeee
                                                      She Italian, so I love her by default.
                                                    The shows do not begin without Anna. Truth.

                                                I'm not sure how I felt about Carine's glasses...
                                    (Am I actually passing judgement on the Ex-Editor of Paris Vogue?)
                                                        I take back my thoughts. They didn't happen.
                                                                A Living Statue
                                        "Salut emalluelle, est-il possible de faire une photo de vous?"
                                          "Oui, bien sur" :)
                                          "je vous remercie beaucoup!"
                                         (Happened. Still on cloud nine)  
                                   Emmanuelle Alt: Editor-in-Chief of Paris Vogue

                                        //Like, honestly, no one else could pull off those glasses//

                                               Lily Aldridge is real pretty and a total selfie.

                                                  Cute & Cute
                                       Models off duties actually have dope style. Thought it was a myth.
                                                                    The fashion flock.
                                         I watched her walk back and forth 8 times. Very unbecoming.
                                              Toronto's Tommy Tomm, Woot!
                                              A photogenic tool.

                                               Lets change Chanel to Hermes and I need this.
                                       Hey... I know you, I'm pretty sure I've been...
                                  READING YOUR LIFE EVERYDAY FOR 4 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
                  She is touching my shoulder. I repeat. she also touched my camera to take a photo of me   with Viviana (which turned out terrible). My camera now has magic powers bitches.

                     FASHION ICON IN THE FLESH. DIED. Giovanna forever. Like Batman in Orange.
                                              Carolina Issa. Montreal native. Gotta support.

           And this girl was actually dressed the best, in my humble opinion, and I have not one small   clue who she is...and those pantttssss.....

All photos by me :) Please steal first and ask later.x

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